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If you’re considering Fall travel to Asheville, it would be worth your while to plan your trip around LEAF festival. The festival, taking place October 19-22, offers locals and visitors access to an incredible lineup of local music.

The festival also brings together some of Asheville’s most unique and well-loved vendors: from handcrafts to art, local health products and food, LEAF has festival-goers covered. The festival also hosts an impressive array of healing arts speakers and presenters. If you’re a visitor looking to get to know Asheville’s music, food, health and art scene, LEAF festival is a great place to start.

Four Must-have Travel Items For LEAF Season In Asheville

#1: A Rain Coat

Asheville is known for its mild temperate rainforest climate, and the likelihood of having to duck into a cute cafe or storefront to shop and wait out the rain is somewhat high! Luckily, Asheville sees its fair share of sunny days, so downtown dwellers need not worry about getting the rainy day blues. However, many locals know it’s savvy to stash a raincoat or umbrella in your bag if you’re’re headed out for a day at one of the many local festivals and downtown events.

LEAF Festival features tons of outdoor activities, including aerial arts for kids and adults, live music and arts and crafts. Kids and adults alike can craft, create, perform and play all day. We’re not going to make sunblock an item on our list, but you know…bring your sunblock too!


#2 Activewear

The festival features over 50 healing arts presenters, and festival-goers will have opportunity to participate in yoga, martial arts, and dance classes. You’ll also find workshops on nutrition, diverse healing traditions, ancient art skills, and plant walks. You’ll be thankful you chose to wear or bring something comfortable you can move in, because you’ll be all set to follow your whim and participate in whichever LEAF activities call your name!


#3: A Reusable Shopping Bag

Asheville is home to a thriving handmade art and craft scene. LEAF Festival offers an awesome opportunity to shop Asheville and find some distinctive items you just won’t come by year-round. With an incredible array of arts and crafts vendors, you’re bound to want to pick up a few unique items that can’t be found anywhere else. Past vendors have offered locally made jewelry, pottery, fiber arts, glass arts, sculpture, metalwork and more.


#4: A Notebook And Pen

At LEAF Festival, inspiration is around every corner. If you’re interested in healing arts, nature, and local culture, you will want a notebook and pen on hand to scribble down notes and inspirations. The festival even hosts a popular poetry slam.

If you decide to chat or network with locals, you’re inevitably going to get a book recommendation or suggestion of a favorite local haunt or amazing little cafe in the mountains just outside of town. Most Asheville locals are friendly and ready to point visitors in the right direction, so come prepared!


If you’re visiting Asheville, LEAF Festival is one of the best opportunities to quickly get a sense of what life as a downtown dweller is all about.

For those considering a move to Asheville, a trip in the beautiful Appalachian Fall is a must.

Let us know how you enjoy your first LEAF Festival!