Have you heard that a new condo building is coming to downtown Asheville for the first time in almost a decade?

45 Asheland is the first new Asheville condo project in the area since 2008, meeting a demand for modern, efficient downtown housing. Slated for opening in late 2017, now is the time to explore your options for a gorgeous home in the center of a thriving downtown.

The seven-story housing project at 45 Asheland will feature 39 space-efficient, modern residences. One bedroom units will be 816 square feet, two bedrooms 1,190 square feet and three bedrooms will be 1,498 square feet. The new condo will feature two ground-level commercial spots, including a wine bar and a sandwich shop.

Located in Asheville’s lively South Slope, residents of the new condo will have easy walking access to the best breweries, restaurants, nightlife, events, and entertainment Asheville has to offer. Downtown Asheville is frequently rated one of the most beautiful, historic travel destinations in the South. With quick access to the rejuvenation of the mountains and the unique excitement of the city, downtown housing is coveted and in high demand.

The residences at 45 Asheland will feature some of the largest balconies and outdoor spaces of any housing development in the area, so residents will be able to enjoy beautiful views of the city and mountains from their doorstep.

We know there’s a need for a specific kind of housing in downtown Asheville, and the condominiums at 45 Asheland aim to meet the needs of the modern Asheville resident and predict what those residents want in the long haul.

As Asheville has developed into a bustling city-center in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the priorities of residents have shifted as well. 45 Asheland aims to meet the needs of the modern Asheville resident and grow with our homeowner’s into the city’s bright future.

As the city has evolved into a top travel destination, dedicated parking has become a huge plus- especially for downtown residents. 45 Asheland offers secure parking for all residents as well as a charging station for electric vehicles.

In designing these new Asheville condos, we prioritized stunning finishes, high functionality and efficient design. The project includes green building features such as sustainably harvested wood, low VOC paints and finishes, high efficiency mechanical equipment and a high R-value building envelope.

All of this is to say: all new condos will feature cutting edge green technology and beautiful, modern finishes to create a gorgeous canvas for you to embellish with your personal interior design preferences.

Asheville has been ready for a modern housing unit in the downtown area for years, and demand for high-quality, efficient housing with ample outdoor space in the bustling center of town is high.

Now is the time to explore housing options in Downtown Asheville. Learn what the new condominiums at 45 Asheland have to offer you.